World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as a state of complete physical, mental and social health that believed just the absence of disease and disability is not because of health and hygiene.

World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as a state of complete physical, mental and social health that believed just the absence of disease and disability is not because of health and hygiene.

Arvand petrochemical health center is proud to honor its following successes on health:

1. Being in the first place of industrial medicine among Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (PET ZONE) in Mahshahr for the second consecutive years

2. The first rank of technical safety committee and occupational health among all industries in Khozestan Province

3. candidating for top companies in technical safety committee and occupational health among all of the country’s industries

4. Arvand Petrochemical Health Center was successful to treat the only patient with continuous follow-up, management control, health and engineering strategies in 1393

5. No report any occupational disease according to the report from the oil industry Mahshahr and the significance of health issues based on HSE personnel management and perspectives

6. No report any occupational center among the employees

Arvand petrochemical health units:

1. Occupational Health Engineering (industry health)

2. Environmental health

3. Public health ; focused on: a. fight disease     b. family health care

4. Nutrition science


Some activities conducted in the field of health:

1. Accomplishing  the first steps of biological monitoring operation because of all operational members and personnel

2. Covering occupational medical examinations all of the contractor companies employees (9 companies)

3. checking all of the employees’ blood tests and to announce via board

4. Providing and send the corrective execution from the billeted TSRs from health unit to the various units of the company to eliminate health defects

5. Taking microbial samples of drinking water 4 times a month, sending it to the health center, taking chemical samples one time during four months and sending it to the complex Lab

6. Conducting spraying operations, fighting pests and rodents periodically and its succeeding removal of stains

7. Monitoring the replacement of water purifications system filters belongs to petrochemical complex

8. Measuring Chlorine and PH daily

9. Equipping First-Aids monthly and periodically

10. Participating in internal audits and external

11. The measurement of workplace risk factors by the health staff, evaluating and comparing the results of contractor companies

12. The establishment of health training classes in various fields of health science by health experts (6 training courses)

13. The commemoration and establishment of health week fair

14. Providing brochures and instructional pamphlets related to health science and their distribution among employees

15. Sight monitoring of the control engineering programs

16. To certify clinic’s first aid equipment according to the requirement

17. To establish the walking conference on the occasion of health week in order to participate employees’ families

18. Holding sport completions and some health contests in writing with the participation of employees and donating awards to them

19. In contact with universities in order to advance the health goals in accordance with the objectives of the integrated

20. Administering diet and treatment programs for the employees who have referred by the center of industrial medicine

21. Daily monitoring and approving the health status of nutrients while entrancing to the complex

22. Daily monitoring on the health status  of restaurant and kitchen complex (The health professions presence in restaurant)

Health Unit Goals in 1394:

1. To  against insects and rodents in the complex

2. Workplace harmful factors measurement (physically & chemically)

Administering technical seminars on occupational health

3. To administer biological monitoring plans in accordance with NPC instruction

4. To administer respiratory protection plan based on the instruction

5. Training occupational health, environmental and nutritional health

6. Uprising the level of health culture in the field of health

7. Monitoring, controlling and removing the harmful factors of environmental and occupational health in the complex

8. Reforming of the laboratory and kitchen hood system

9. Doing industrial medicine examinations the official specified period, temporary employees and all of the contractors

10. Preparation of instructional brushers

11. The assessment and control of the chemical pollutants (dust, gas and steam, welding fumes) in the workplaces

12. The assessment harmful physical factors( noise, light, lionizing and non-lionizing radiant, electromagnetic fields) in workplaces and presenting an appropriate strategies due to control encounter

13. Performing evaluating project of ergonomic factors among the financial and administrative personnel and controlling room operators