The most important safety activities in 93

  1. Sending macro goals, micro and the quality of safety administration and the report of their progress to the department of quality assurance
  2. The installation of 75 warning boards in unit CA
  3. Sending and tracking TSR to buy UPS for the clinic

The most important safety activities in 93

1. Sending macro goals, micro and the quality of safety administration and the report of their progress to the department of quality assurance

2. The installation of 75 warning boards in unit CA

3. Sending and tracking TSR to buy UPS for the clinic

4. Following-up the corrective and preventive actions

5. Preparation of safety publication monthly

6. The elimination of defects on SUN SHEET surrounding spherical tanks

7. Holding the public safety class for contractor personnel to man-hours in 6498

8. Report of unsafe issues on warehouse Liftrack drivers

9. Participation in the meeting of technical protection committee

10. The provision of MAX and MIN of staff for the personal protective personnel’s of company

11. Following-up to fix the defects of Gritings units

12. Calibration of gas detectors B.W

13. Reloading the instruction of hot and cold butterfly and the new entry

14. Declaring of report and participation in the IMS audit by the (TUV NORD) company in Germany

15. Installation of  ANMOLY REPORT chests in the building of C-560 .C-700 and central building

16. Attending in the units meeting and following-up of safety issues related to each unit

17. Tracking to remove unsafe issues of  hydrogen line to V-12070

18. Tracking the HOUSE KEEPING of units

19. Work application to slab the road leading to the warehouse from the northeastern section of CA

20. Contracting companies fine for not delivering personal protective equipment and shortcomings of their machines

21. Checking the units daily by safety personnel

22. Daily and continuous surveillance on loading chemical tankers

23. Personnel MIV certification to delivery of personal protective equipment

24. Continuous patrolling in complex and informing the traffic instructions to drivers

25. Controlling and checking the vehicles before entering the complex

26. Collecting unsafe and extra scaffoldings of all units

27. Installation of traffic signs in units

28. Reporting defects safety showers and eyewash of whole complex

29. Tracking the line marking of complex surface streets and painting boulevards

30. Sending audit report in graphical form to manage monthly

31. Monitoring the performance of issued permission and tracking employee attendance in permit classes

32. Playing tutorial video to manage every week

33. Playing tutorial video for all personnel

34. Sending chart report of events analysis to manage monthly

35. Attending in committee meeting IMS periodically and resolveing nonconformities

36. Tracking and attending in meeting HOTTAP on TK17002 unit EDC / VCM

37. Doing gas survey work for hot works and entry of 3984Permit

38. Holding safety meetings in salt washing unit

39. Evaluating the daily report of unit events 

40. Checking the sample of sent safety goods from purchase office to safety office

41. Sending safety measures monthly to Persian Gulf holding

42. Holding F & g class for all personnel of complex for 5 days

43. The purchase indent of 100 quilted fabric vane, tracking and installing them

44. Providing quarterly reports

45. Checking the entering personal protective equipment to warehouse and confirmation

46. Checking the product warehouse trucks and offering their defects report  monthly

47. Continuous monitoring and setting the safety inspector in ASU unit to regard the safety points

48. The report of unsafe issues of ethylene station and tracking the remove of deficiencies

49. Planning for organizing and holding the Permit classes for personnel and cards substitution

50. Sending quarterly analytical reports to holding

51. Attending the NFPA standard seminar in Special Economic Zone of firefighters Governor

52. Sending monthly report of safety training to the complex of education department

53. Holding the problems analyze session of diesel generators

54. The report of unsafe issues set residential in complex

55. Introducing and reporting the premium safety personnel units to the head of HSE monthly

56. Evaluation of gas piping (industrial ) restaurant

57. Tracking needed traffic board of branch s / w

58. Reporting macro goals of safety department  to the quality assurance department

59. Tracking substation unsafe issues of sulfuric acid to achieve result

60. Tracking the installation of loading platform for o2

61. Reporting of safety indicators in the first six months of 93

62. Sorting correspondence capsules in the central workshop

63. Preparing and submitting budget report of expenditures on capital items

64. Corresponding to the safety suggestive issues to locate the loading platform vcm

65. Evaluation of  sent TSRs to HSE affairs

66. Estimating the explosion-proof cost of the sensitive centers glass

67. Holding the scaffold class

68. Following-up the siren installation in the complex

69. Demand of buying four explosion proof Walkie -talkies wireless devices for hse unit

70. Preparing and delivering of 94 hse budget to the finance office and other departments

71. Report of 94 and 92 safety indicators and forecast of 94 to Holding

72. Preparation and submittion of  EFQM safety report issues and attending the audit

73. Deficiencies report and preparing instruction to regard safety points in  in over haul Dey 93

74. Report of welding groups unsafe issues and non-use of personal protective equipment

75. Units leak report to management

76. Bsc report to holding monthly

77. Awnings installation on the south side of chemical depots

78. Report of required training courses in 94

79. Following-up the units of coloring Hose canstions

80. Installing the convex mirrors of warehouse

81. Safety inspections and experts direct supervision in units to bring down personal risks and the process on Over Haul

82. Adding the chlorine leak instruction to the complex internal instruction

83. Completing the contractor repairs evaluation form

84. Preparing the report of HSE dashboard for holding