The plant is designed to produce ethylene di- chloride (EDC) and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) as feed for the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The process of PVC production consists of two phases

Phase one
Phase one includes production and purification of EDC which is carried out at the Direct Chlorination, Oxy Chlorination and EDC Purification Units
The Second phase
The second phase includes EDC Cracking, VCM Purification, Gas and Liquid Waste Incinerators and Storage Tanks Units. The chlorine gas produced at the Chlor-alkali Unit with react with the incoming ethylene within the reactor at the Direct Chlorination Unit yielding EDC. At the OxyChlorination reactor, HCL reacts with oxygen and ethylene producing with the EDC produced at the Direct Chlorination Unit will be sent to Unit 130 for purification. The purified EDC will be pumped to the intermediary

 storage tanks in Unit 170 or the export storage tanks in Unit 180. Some portion of the purified EDC will be dispatched to the Cracking Unit and will yild VCM and HCL within the furnaces there. The HCL yielded at this unit will be sent back to the Oxy Chlorination Plant. The VCM produced from cracking reactions within the Cracking Unit (Unit140) will be transferred to Treatment and purification Unit (Unit150) where it will be purified and stored at the cicular storage tanks for use at the PVC Unit

In this unit, medium peressure steam is also be produced using the heat yielded from burning waste gases